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When our customers need the most experienced and professional team for logging in Longview, WA, they know the best logging contractor to call—Carlson and Sons Logging Inc. Whether you need whole tree logging or log transportation, our company is the best choice for any and all your logging needs. With our full-service team and our top-notch equipment, we can give you the safe and efficient service you need.

The practice of logging spans centuries and includes cutting down all or most of the trees in a given area. When you want a wooded area or land cleared, contracting an expert logger is usually a good option.

Keeping nature conservancy in mind, we can handle everything from whole tree logging, to tree-length logging, to cut-to-length logging. Our customers can always expect debris and trees to be expediently hauled away. Logging is a necessity when you need land cleared and we’re the experts when you need logging.

The benefits of logging are very focused. Either you’re clearing a sizeable portion of land for an upcoming construction project or farming purposes, selling the trees for profit, or a combination of both motives. Most people earn a significant sum of money from the sale of trees after contracting a logger to clear them. Whatever your reason may be, logging remains the most efficient practice when you need your land or property cleared.

There are a few different methods used in logging. A land owner can either decide to clear cut the entire property, effectively removing all the trees. Or they can decide to selectively cut the trees and only take down certain trees on the property. Depending on your purposes for the property, you may choose either option. Our team is experienced enough to handle both approaches with no problems or complications. If you need your land cleared, talk to us at Carlson and Sons Logging Inc today.

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