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At Carlson and Sons Logging Inc, we deliver professional, certified log thinning and tree trimming for both residential properties and commercial establishments. Tree thinning services, in general, come with many benefits. Besides the obvious aesthetic upgrade, tree thinning reduces any wind resistance during storms. It will also let more sunlight reach the landscape below, which is great for surrounding vegetation.

Thinning does require a well-developed eye for detail and an experienced professional that can give you the look and function that that is right for your landscape. When you need the very best in log thinning in Longview, WA, we’re the experts you should look for.

Tree thinning is usually done through a process of steps. The first being crown cleaning, followed by crown elevation, and then completed with careful and selective pruning. We typically remove smaller branches from the outer canopy of the tree, which allows sunlight and wind to move through the tree. Thinning also eliminates any decaying branches that may be cracked and rubbing against each other on the tree.

Our crown reduction services increase the overall safety of your tree by eradicating damaged and deteriorating branches that could potentially fall. Our tree trimming experts can also reduce entry points for harmful insects and diseases, as well as heighten the aesthetic appearance of your trees. Our crown elevation service naturally raises the branches that might be dropping too low towards structures like your home or other things of that nature.

This is often what lets the branches rise to allow the amount of clearance space below without harmful or destructive effects on the tree. As a reliable logging contractor, we are your go-to guys when you need the professional log cutting services that will make your landscape look and function wonderfully.

When you welcome Carlson and Sons Logging Inc to your home, we always recommend the most cost-effective steps towards the safe and aesthetically breath-taking value you’re looking for. Speak with us today for more information.

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